Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring and some of my favorite things....

Finally it's Spring!


Warm weather



Green Grass


Flip flops

My backyard is Springy beautiful. I have put out most of my Spring decorations back there. What I really wanted my backyard to look like is this
The Pottery Barn backyard. Ahh..

Well mine does not look like that but I tried my best to get it sort of close. I have a big wrought iron shelved plant stand thingy that I thought I could maybe make look like the Pottery Barn one. So I dragged my very heavy plant shelf thing across the backyard one day and attempted to set mine up like theirs.

I said I tried! I know it is not nearly as nice as the Pottery Barn set up but I like it. Here is an overall picture.

Ignore the brown patchy grass. It hasn't all come in yet. That is my garage. Here is the back door area.
Close up of the back door wreath

Here is just a few pictures of some flowers blooming around the backyard

And now here are just some of my favorite things around the yard and house.

And my front door for Spring.

Enjoy your Spring,


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