About Me

Thanks for coming over to check out who I am. First, I'm a mom to two amazing boys. Gabe is my sports loving 7 year old and first grader. Christian is my sweet little 5 year old preschooler. I love to bake things. I love holidays and decorating. I love party planning. I love anything home related really. I am attempting to be a self proclaimed cake decorator. I have taken some cake decorating classes but I dropped out. I sort of do my own thing and figure it out on the way. Then I take pictures of it and make posts explaining how you can do it too. I think we should all be baking cakes and cupcakes all day long!

 Here is the family. We look calm and loving here don't we. It took many shots to get that picture.
 Here are my boys. They love each other. Even if they have to be forced into taking pictures like this. They really are wonderful and well behaved. They do great in school and I love them more every day.
I'm a very blessed girl to have this family :)

This is my best friend and husband, Corey. We started dating when we were 16. We went to my high school prom together. He is an amazing Dad. I could not have asked for more. He takes the boys all day and they do boy stuff (fishing, baseball, basketball) every weekend. He loves every minute with them.

My little Christian

Thanks for checking out my blog and my about me page. Happy decorating, party planning, baking, caking, and cupcaking!