Monday, April 4, 2011

A Scentsy Cake

Invited to a Scentsy party recently? Know what Scentsy is? Want to bake a cake today? Let's bake a Scentsy cake!

Okay but first for all you that have no clue what the heck a Scentsy is let me explain. Scentsy is amazing smelly stuff. They have full size, mid size and plug in warmers that only use a light bulb to melt their special wax. The wax does not get very hot so it is safe around kids and pets. It smells amazing! My friend is a Scentsy rep and here is her website so you can browse and figure out what on earth I am talking about :)

Alright..let's bake a Scentsy cake today (now that we all know what a Scentsy is).

Step one. You all know my step one's by now right? Step one.
Bake a cake.

When I am baking a cake to shape I always think, what can I use to bake it in that will help me with my shape later. You can bake a cake in anything that can go in the oven. Think outside the cake box ;-)
Meatloaf dish- yup
Round pot- yup
Bread loaf dish- yes
Cassoroll dish- you got it
Coffee cup- sure

As long as the dish is marked heat safe for oven use you can use it. Think shapes of the cakes and find something you have that you can bake with. I used two bowls to make the warmer that will sit on top of the cake. So I baked a cake with my Wilton 8 inch cake pan
This was for the base cake. Then I used two bowls about 5 inches wide and 3 inches tall for the warmer cake that will sit on top of the base cake.

After the cakes were all baked and cooled in the refrigerator or the freezer, I stacked my two small cakes, icing them in between and carved my shape.

Here is a nice close up of how I shaped the cake to look like a warmer. Oh what warmer am I using as inspiration you ask? What shape do we need our cake to be?
There it is. Our warmer inspiration.

Next I cut the top off my warmer cake so i could make the top part where the wax melts.

I then carved out the area where you would put the actual wax.

Set that part aside. I then iced the whole body of the warmer cake to hold the fondant. I used homemade marshmallow fondant. I had never made it before or used it before. I usually buy premade fondant. If I were to make this cake again, I would buy the fondant because the marshmallow fondant did not do as well as I hoped. It was hard to put on and it did not smooth out nicely. I had many imperfections. Probably only that I can see but still they are there!
Now remember that base cake we made from our Wilton 8 inch cake pan? Take that cake and set it on your presentation plate and ice the cake. Then use whatever color fondant you would like to cover that cake with. I used purple because Scentsy's colors are actually purple and green.

Then fondant your warmer cake. Assemble the warmer cake onto the base cake. I poked through two skewers to make it all sturdy.

I added a green ribbon fondant to the base of the warmer cake for a finished look. I also added balled up purple fondant to the bottom of my base cake for a border.

See the imperfections I was talking about. I am just not in love with the marshmallow fondant.
Now wrap the topper piece seperatly and add it to the top of your warmer cake.
I used ribbon fondant along the topper to hide the seems. I also added cut out flowers to the base of the cake. One really fun touch is to make the wax bars out of white fondant. I just rolled the fondant and shaped it into squares to add to the top.
I added alot of detail to the warmer to make it look like a real warmer. The colors look better in person. I have a terrible camera.

Thanks for checking out my Scentsy warmer cake. Now next time you are invited to a Scentsy party bring this cake! Fun :)


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  1. Wow I agree you so talented!!!

    I'm your newest follower :)

  2. How cool and creative is this ?! I LOVE Scentsy, too !! And, thanks again for your sweet comment about my blog (breakfast area). *Becca* (your newest follower)

  3. how funny, love the whole scentsy craze!
    Saw your lovely carrot cake at Kara's!

    Come link up friday for the 2nd edition of Make & Share at my blog.

  4. So creative and adorable! Scentsy is the best!

    Warm Wishes,

  5. Well, aren't you the creative one. Your "Scentsy" cake turned out really cute. I've never decorated a cake using fondant before, but I want to try my hand at it. Cakes always turn out so pretty when fondant is used.

    Thanks for linking to the party. ;)

    Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

  6. Now that is my kind of marketing - throw a cake in and I'm sold.
    Found you on Tater Tots and Jello and now following you.

  7. How creative! I have that exact same warmer lol