Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fondant amimals

Let's make animals out of fondant!

I recently had an order for a baby shower cake. The mother to be wanted pink and brown camouflage with elephants. I figured the best way to have an elephant is to make one out of fondant. I took some pictures along the way so I can show you all how to make animals out of fondant.

After researching elephant fondants I decided I should make each part of the elephant and put it all together at the end.

First I tinted the fondant light pink using my Wilton light pink tint

Then I rolled each body part out. You can see the middle, head, and arms here
Then I began to put the body all together.
Try not to make it too heavy or you will have to take some fondant away later. You want it to be able to sit on top of a cake.

I used the Wilton food markers to make the elephants eyes. Next it was time for the ears.

To keep my elephant from drooping I stuck a skewer through him. It helped keep him up right and I used the bottom of the skewer to set him on top of the cake.

There he is. Isn't he cute? I cut the top of the skewer off and moved the fondant around on his head to cover up the skewer. He is ready for the top of a cake.

Thanks for checking out my little elephant!

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