Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Time!!

Happy Easter!

Easter is my favorite holiday :)
It's Spring Time
Everything is blooming
Everything is green
I love eggs
I love bunnies
Jesus has risen!

This is my last Easter post
For this post I decided to just make a collection of all my Easter projects this year. Lots of pictures are coming your way!

Come on up to the front porch

Welcome in
I have decorated for Easter all around the house

Let's go into the kitchen and bake some Easter treats!

I made a Carrot Cake and a Sunflower Cake

I also made Patchwork Cupcakes
And I chocolate covered some Peeps...just because!

Let's check out a few of my favorite Easter things around the house

I love Easter!

I wish everyone a wonderful Easter
and special family time

Happy Easter


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