Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What happens when you're a new blogger.....


Laundry. Lots of it. That is my little Christian at the top. He is 5 years old. He thought this was hilarious. So this is what has been going on while I have been trying to figure everything out. I still pretty much don't know what I'm doing and my mountain is growing. Maybe my husband will help when he gets home. Probably not ;-) So any ccomments? Tips? Laughter? Anything would help me out at this point. Thank You :)


  1. Stacy-
    Welcome to blog land...although I do not have one - I think about it all the time. Not sure I could live with the stress of the expectation though. So good for you and good luck! I have 3 boys so I feel your "pain" not that they aren't wonderful gifts but when they were little....whew boy! They are now 22, 20 and 18. NO I can NOT be old enough to have kids that old!!! But I digress - honestly it WAS just yeaterday that they were the size of your sweet Christian! I gotta tell you, and I try to break this to you easy...but the laudry only gets bigger! :)However soon they can be made, err I mean given the life skill building chore of folding it for you!!!! A very happy day I must say! Okay, probably too long of a comment but I seem to be feeling chatty at this ungodly hour of 5 someting am...Good luck with the blog and I'll be back...Wendy-lou

  2. Wendy-lou, Thank you for the wonderful comment. It is so nice to hear from people. I have 2 boys and wow do they keep me going. Little Christian is 5 so he is home with me until next school year and I have a Gabe who is 7 and in 1st grade. So nice to hear from you. Thanks for the laundry heads up :)

  3. I jump up and down....do a little housework...blog...start a load of laundry...blog...eat...blog...well, you get the idea! Welcome to the world of blogging! It really is SO much fun! ♥