Thursday, March 17, 2011

Popcorn Cupcakes

It's movie day in the first grade. At least for my first grader it is. The day before Spring Break! WhooHoo! So as soon as I heard his class was watching a movie on Friday I knew I had to make these cupcakes. They are so fun. They took me a L-O-N-G time to make but so worth it. Both my boys say they are "Awesome Looking" so they must be. I had to make 22 for the first grade class and then of course we got "the bucket" from my little one's preschool yesterday which means: We. Bring. Snacks. So another batch of 15 popcorn cupcakes coming right up. is a popcorn cupcake. Then I will tell you how to make them.

So cute right?
Okay lets get making cupcakes. But first I have to tell you about the wrapper that says Popcorn. I actually bought a download of this from an Internet store but I guess you can design them on your computer. I have also heard of people cutting actual popcorn bags to fit the cupcakes. I will add the link to the store where I bought these from at the end in case you just want to print, cut and tape like I did.

So first make the cupcakes. Here is a chance for me to show a picture of my favorite kitchen thing ever. My mixer. I love my mixer. I vinyled my mixer to show it how much I love it.

Normal cupcake making going on here. I used white cupcake wrappers because they are cheap and you won't see them anyway.

I have no tips on how to make the cupcakes not fold in like they do. If you have tips please share. 

It didn't really matter though because I then wrapped the cupcake with my popcorn wrappers nice and snug. I taped the back of it together. The cutest ones had the wrappers on tight. It made them look like cups.

Then I iced the top of the cupcake with white icing. I just used store bought white icing. I would use white because later I needed more. I will show you what I mean.

Okay next you need mini marshmallows. Here is a secret. The whole goal here is to make the marshmallows look like popcorn so I took it in the middle and pinched it and twisted. Not ripping it in half but almost. I tried to take a picture of it but I couldn't capture what I am talking about. You will just have to practice but we are all smart girls here and you can do it!

 Then I piled them in their little cups. I smushed them in and tried to pile them up a little in the middle so it would look like a cup of popcorn. I used more of the icing to "glue" some on the top. That way they won't fall off. You will see that the marshmallows really will look like popcorn.
I had a little assembly line going on here.
Now here is the final step and it is the best step because it will really make it look like popcorn. It is the longest thing to do and a big pain in the butt. I can be a little of a perfectionist though and I wanted it to look like authentic popcorn so I took my time here.

I used yellow food coloring that I literally smeared between my (clean) fingers and rubbed into each marshmallow ever so gently to give the "popcorn" a buttered look. I found a few tips here. 1. Don't use too much. It can go on looking orange and your popcorn will look saturated with butter, not lightly buttered. 2. Really rub it into every little kernel. It will look very cute and like real popcorn. It will be worth it in the end.

See worth it! I used 1 box of cake mix, 2 containers of icing, 2 bags of mini marshmallows, yellow food coloring and the popcorn wrappers. Hope yours turn out great!

Here is the link to the store where I bought the wrappers:


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  1. Too cute!!!! Wore me out just reading it though:)lol although, I just might have to try this one! Suggestion for cupcakes not falling in...I always fill my holders up a little more so that the cake will rise to the top of the wrapper and maybe just a little above! Let us know how they went over with the kids!!

  2. Those are too cute!!! Thanks for the get well wishes :)

  3. Thank You!! The kids loved them :) They all told Gabe he has an awesome mom!!

  4. These are really great! My hubby would love them! He's been eating marshmallows out of the bag! lol Visit me soon! I'm having a giveaway! ♥

  5. These turned out great! I made some for my daughter's 11th bday back in feb. Check them out!

  6. Adorable! Love the faux butter!

    Warm Wishes,

  7. Thank you Stacy for mentioning my store. I do sell the DIY wrappers but also sell finished wrappers made from glossy photo paper and peel and stick tape and full instructions, for those that are not as abitious as Stacy. You did a wonderful job on those. I have one suggestion, they might fit a little better without the white on top and bottom. I left that so it would be easier to cut. lol either way they look great Thanks

  8. Diane's Creative Touch is where you can get these wrappers. stop by my facebook page and check them out