Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Memo Board Organizing

Being new to this whole blogging thing...I realize no one (except my cousin who is one of my only followers) knows anything about me. So here is a fun fact: I have two boys. That should be enough because anyone who has two boys, one boy, a husband, boy grandchildren or anything remotely close to this (boy dog?) will instantly know several things about me. 1. I'm frazzled half of the day. This is because I am picking up after them for half of the day. (The other half I just forget about because they are home and there is no point) 2. I'm a 100% girly girlish girl pretending to think "boy stuff" is cool. This is how this project came about. I recently made over their room, baseball style. It's cute. Sort of. I used Pottery Barn Teen as my inspiration. I will go through my "before" pics and take some "after" pics and do a post on it soon. Anyway, they have a cute denim memo board (picked out by me) that they have collectively stuffed full of pictures and mementos. I decided to give it a small "makeover" and organize the pictures.

Can they even see what's on that board?? So imagine my delight when I found this:

Photo sleeves that have boy phrases overlay on them. Very cute! So I choose some favorite pictures and inserted their photo's into the sleeves.

Then I artfully arranged the pictures on the memo board. Everything is "Mom" approved.

And now: The After

Ahhh...organized. And now some pictures of it in their room

Now just one more picture because their room is so nice and cleaned. Mom approved. Ahh..lets bask in the organized greatness for just a moment.

So nice. Okay and now to recap in case you were wondering what those neat photo sleeves were. I found them at a scrapbook store. I like to go into those stores (even though I do not scrapbook) because they have such cute things that can be used for all kinds of crafts. I always stock up on scrapbook paper. So here is another up close picture

They are made by Me & My Big Ideas and called Photo Sleeves in Boy Slang. Item number TR-13

Thanks for checking out my post. Now I have to go protect my organization project from two rambunctious little boys!

Creations by Kara

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  1. Much better :) It turned out very cute. I love those boards with the ribbon across!