Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Some of my favorite things post

Let's not bake today :)

Since I am not making any cakes until next week I thought I would just take a moment to show off my favorite things I use as a cake decorator. Some things are brands and some are just old junky stuff I've collected!

My Kitchen. My favorite place! This is where I make my cakes.
Those flowers are my mother's day gift ♥♥

My number one cake decorating tool. My 8 inch Wilton cake pan. This is usually the base to all my cakes. I love the size. It makes perfect round cakes. Every. Time.

Well this stuff helps make every cake perfect. It is cake release. Made by Wilton. I use this on every cake. I won't make a cake with out it. My cakes come out of the pan perfectly because of this stuff.

Looking around my kitchen some more. This is what I do when I am cake decorating.

Okay, back to work.

My well used and loved cutting board. I kneed my homemade fondant on this thing.

My kitchen T.V. this is very important for cake decorating. I have to be caught up on my entertainment news and reality shows. No, no, I'm really watching....uh...CNN or the Weather Channel. Yeah, that's it.

My giant icing spatula and broken rolling pin. Both very important. I love that rolling pin and refuse to buy a new one.
Oh, it's Happy, the dog. Yes she is a favorite thing! She "hangs out" in the kitchen a lot. She wants to be close to me. Or food.

Flour and sugar jars. I love them. That's all, I just love them.

My refrigerator wall and Stacy'Sweets apron. I love this part of the kitchen.

My mixer! I vinyled my mixer to show it my appreciation. I love my mixer. It is not even a KitchenAid mixer, it is just one I bought a few years ago. I am not even sure of the brand name.

I am almost to my favorite thing

My kitchen window. I love this window because of the shelf my husband made for me. I also love the light I made out of a mason jar. I covered the cord to the light with burlap.

Now my most favorite thing in my whole house. What helps me the most to bake cakes. My greatest accessory. My cake inspiration. My love.

My Boys.



  1. Great kids and great kitchen. What are the Roman numerals for? Just curious.

  2. The Roman Numerals are for...??? I don't know! I just liked them. LOL! Thanks for looking at my kitchen :)