Saturday, May 28, 2011

Making a Wedding Cake

The making of a wedding cake

When I was called to make a wedding cake I was beyond scared. I sorta figured I could pull it off because it is basically just a bigger version of a pretty cake. But still...I had never ever made a wedding cake before. After talking with the couple..I realized it was possible to do. They wanted three large cakes..all white with lots and lots of flowers. The flowers had to be white, dark brown and light brown with dark green leaves. They wanted a "camouflage" look to the flowers but still have a pretty flower cake look. Okay so here I go....

First I had to figure out how to make a flower. A rose, specifically. Many attempts at icing roses followed. Many unsuccessful attempts. I can not make a rose out of icing for anything! I turned to fondant. Specifically homemade marshmallow fondant. Here was what I created

Great now the roses were figured out. I spent days and days making roses. Thank goodness for the T.V. in my kitchen. Reality T.V. helps the cake decorator :) I made 80 roses.

And I made leaves..lots of leaves...

The day the cake was to be picked up I made lots and lots of cake

A. Lot. Of. Cake.

Next I covered them all with icing and fondant. The fondant made it look so pretty. I thought, maybe I'm done now?

But it they needed the flowers

This is the creative process of placing the millions of flowers.

This took alllll daaayyy to do. I was also taking care of my two little boys and doing laundry and cleaning the house too. The cake making was the fun part of the day. I am thankful to have two very good boys. They played outside most of the day.
So here is the finished cakes.

I love them. I think they turned out very nice. The bride to be loved them.
Here are some more pictures of all the cakes

That was an experience! It was very fun though and I loved making the cakes. A big "Thank You" to the couple who ordered the cake for believing in me the whole time. I hope I will have more wedding cake orders to come.

Thanks for checking out my cakes


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